Why PMS is important?

When you buy a motorcycle, whether it’s paid in cash or via installment, you are actually making a personal investment. As such, it is always a good idea to take the necessary steps to protect your investment.

So how do you do that? Simple: PMS.

PMS or Preventive Maintenance Service is the best way to ensure that your motorcycle investment lasts longer than expected. It is also the dealer and manufacturer’s way to ensure that your motorcycle is kept in prime performance condition so that you get true value for your money.

But you have heard that “casa” PMS is expensive and is just another way for the dealer to earn more from you, right?

This statement is actually a myth, perpetuated by unschooled motorcycle owners who are more interested in saving a few pesos on cheap parts rather than proper maintenance.

True, you will have to spend on the oil and replacement parts needed to restore your bike’s performance level. But guess what, you will still be spending on the same PMS supplies anyway at your nearest “siraniko” sidewalk motorcycle parts store. And the chances of you experiencing “backyard” PMS gone wrong is much higher.

So, what benefit do you really get from PMS at your dealer? Expertly trained mechanics handling your ride and using the proper tools that will protect your bike from damage. That is true value for money PMS. And there’s more, always check with your dealer because chances are, they will have special PMS promo deals for you as a loyal customer. You might even get your PMS for free!

But bottom line, PMS is a reality that is part and parcel of being an owner of a motorcycle. You have to embrace it and factor funds towards this to ensure that your vehicle investment lasts longer so that if you decide to sell it later when you upgrade, you still get to enjoy higher peso value from your ride.

And that is just good business sense, kaibigan!









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