Understanding Drive Systems

Motorcycles are truly amazing machines that are basically simple to use and provide a different kind of transportation experience than that of 4-wheeled vehicles. And while there are a lot of engine types and displacements, the one that truly moves you is what is known as the drive train.

There are three different types of drive trains, the oldest and most common is what is known as chain drives – which use sprockets and a gearbox to move a chain. The chain “pulls” the rear wheel, thereby providing kinetic movement.

The next type of drive system is known as the belt drive and is commonly found in most scooter-type motorcycles and in some specialized high displacement cruiser motorcycles. Instead of a sprocket, it uses a pulley system that helps move the belt to move the motorcycle.

The shaft drive is the third and most expensive of the three systems, because of its sturdy engineering and maintenance-free design. As the name implies, the shaft is connected directly to the gearbox and the rear wheel hub via a spiral bevel gear. Commonly found on high displacement, high-performance adventure, sports touring, and adventure touring bikes.

As a serious bike owner, you have to know what kind of drive system you have on your beloved ride so that you can also ensure that the crucial parts that belong to this system are maintained regularly.

For chain drives, you have to note the sprockets and chain links. The teeth of sprockets wear out over time, while the chain links might break if not inspected regularly.

For belt drives, the pulleys and the belt itself are the ones that get worn out. While the belt design is sturdier and more durable than chain drives, you still have to pay attention and do proper maintenance.

The shaft drives are so durable that you hardly need to conduct proper maintenance on them since they last almost as long as the life of the motorcycle.

To be assured that your motorcycle drive system is always in peak condition and ready to give 100% performance, you can either learn how to maintain it yourself or bring it into a well-equipped 3S Service Center, as the one StarHonda has.

With highly trained mechanics and original parts, we will always ensure that your drive train will be in peak condition – that way you can ride away to your heart’s content.

And that is what truly drives us, kaibigan.










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