Trust only 3SShops

One myth that never fails to die is the one about Casa being a way to milk vehicle owners of their cash during maintenance.

This is actually fake news.

Service Centers, also known as Casa, are facilities that are fully equipped with the important tools and gadgets that will make maintenance and repair reliable. Coupled with trained mechanics, a service center is a place that can truly take care of your ride.

A more upgraded version of the Service Center are what we call the 3SShop, which stands for Sales, Service and Spareparts. More than just trained, expert mehanics and proper equipment, the parts that are specific to your motorcycle will be available there.

So why do some people still try to avoid Service Centers? Because they believe that the small and friendly motorcycle parts store near their place are cheaper and better.

But the truth is, bike owners will always put their rides at risk when handled by a quack mechanic whose skills rely more on trail and error. And, when tallied, the cost of the backjobs and damaged parts that they install will always be open.

So want some serious advice? Dont be stingy. Visit your nearest 3S Shop today.






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