The Right Track

Have you ever checked the tires on your motorcycle and wondered why it is designed like that? Why the grooves are shaped like that and what purpose do they serve?

To understand this, you have to understand about traction and hydroplaning and its effect on your motorcycle while in motion.

First of all, these tire grooves are called threads and are cut in a series of distinct patterns to increase friction with the ground. The more friction you have, the more traction you have for your motorcycle. And traction is what helps your ride accelerate and stop – so that more traction you have the faster you can either run or stop.

Now when you are riding and it rains, the dynamics of the friction between the ground and your tires changes. Water that has accumulated on the road will form a kind of lubrication on the surface and lessen the contact of the tires. This is known as hydroplaning and this drastically reduces friction and traction of the tire’s contact with the road – causing it to slip, slide and cause accidents.

Now the tire installed on your bike is not just for aesthetics, it has an intended function specifically for your motorcycle.

Offroad bikes tend to have tires that are knobbly to allow for better traction on dirt roads because they “grab” on to the soil and rocks.

Racing bikes are usually equipped with rounded tires with smooth thread to allow for quicker acceleration on racetracks.

And in the middle are city bikes, which are the more common types of bikes. Ranging from scooters to higher cc motorcycles, these are often equiped with tires that have threads that are midway between offroad and racing, allowing for better control, acceleration and stopping power on city roads.

To ensure safety, you should not replace the tires on your motorcycle with different threads, no matter how good they look or how cheaper they are priced. Wrong threads on the wrong bikes are accidents waiting to happen.

So when your tires are worn, it is always best to bring it in for proper MotoCare with Motorcentral. Let our trained mechanics take care of you so that you will always be on the right track kaibigan.









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