The Perfect Ride for the Perfect Dad

Once again Father’s Day has come! And what better way to reward a man who has done so much for the family than to give him a cool way to get around town.

To many men nowadays, a motorcycle is the perfect way to travel. No more worries about traffic, plus Dads get to look cool and stylish.

So to help you out pick the right ride for the Man who has done so much for your family, here are a few cool choices and tips from your Kaibigang Motorcentral.

For the Father who’s always focused on providing a better life your family, no other workhorse fits his profile than Kawazaki’s Barako II 175cc. This motorcycle is built tough with heavy duty power that can make it both a fun ride as a personal transport to work or an added income generator for the family.

For Dads who just want to lay back and enjoy family time during weekends, the Suzuki Skydrive Sport is the perfect joyride. Fully automatic and easy to handle, Dad and the family can have loads of fun cruising around the village or making simple errands a fun activity.

For the Manly Man of the House, there is a motorcycle that easily fits his macho image – the Honda TMX Supremo 3rd Generation. Designed to be a supreme ride on the road, coupled with its durable and efficient riding profile, the TMX Supremo is a no-nonsense motorcycle for the serious rider.

And last, but certainly not the least, the Yahama NMAX 155 is the perfect choice for the weekend warrior fathers out there. With its ABS or Standard options, plus classy and bulky design, the NMAX is a true road warrior’s steed, perfect for office trips or long leisure rides. Plus, with its good looks adds plus points to a Dad who deserves only the best.

Whichever ride that you go for as Dad’s perfect gift, always remember to get your choice from your nearest Motorcentral dealership. Because aside from being assured that the motorcycle you get is the highest quality on display, your dad can also enjoy the highest standard of customer service and spare parts.

So head on down to Motorcentral to meet up with our friendly Motorcentral Sales personnel. We will surely take care of you and your dad, kaibigan!

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