Switch it up.

Switches is what gives you electronic control over your motorcycle. It allows you to start your motorcycle, signal your turns, turn on your lights, and sound your horn.

Located near the end of each handlebar and within each reach of the thumb, the switches are commonly red or black in color.

Now all switches are designed to withstand the elements, the sun, dust and rain. So it is reasonable to assume that these switches will function normally everyday.

So why all of a sudden do you hear stories about switches breaking down, failing to function even on relatively new bikes.

Here’s a secret, when you hear about someone complaining about their problematic switches, ask them if they just came from a car wash.

Because, to tell you the truth, sometimes it is the act of taking care of your motorcycle that can even cause it harm. So your desire to keep your motorcycle clean could have been the cause of your broken switches.

Why does this happen? Three words – high pressure hose.

The high pressure water coming from this hose is super fine and designed to strip of dirt and grime from the body of your motorcycle. But, the high pressure mist of air and water also gets into tight spaces, such as the gaps between the switches.

And when this moisture and air penetrates the inner working of the switches, it can corrode the electricals and even cause immediate short circuit.

So how do you prevent this from happening?

When you do your bikewash, simply avoid hitting your switches full force with the water. If possible, just use foam or cloth to wipe away the dirt from your ride. Then make sure to dry your switches for at least 15 minutes under the sun to ensure that the moisture has evaporated before you try to start your ride.

Motocare means you care enough to find out what can be good and bad for your ride, kaibigan.








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