Shoes means Safety

Everybody knows now the issue of a retired law enforcement officer who got in trouble with former colleagues that started around a violation of rider wearing slippers.

Now a lot of you wonder? Why is this such a big issue and why is MMDa and PNP are now making so much noise about?

It’s all about safety.

Slippers are comfortable to wear when you want to relax, but it is actually a bad idea to wear on a motorcycle. Because slippers are quite loose and can easily become entangled with the gear or brake pedals. And once that happens, accidents usually follow.

That is why it always recommended for riders to wear shoes. Whether is leather or rubber, shoes wrap more securely around the riders feet and offer better traction on the pedals and on the road.

Shoes also give the rider additional control and allowing them a way to balance faster – by quickly stepping to the sides of the motorcycle to keep the ride steady. And in case of a crash – shoes will prevent serious cuts and scrapes on the feet from occuring.

So on your next ride, please be motosafe, kaibigan. Wear your shoes or boots, even. You will not only look good as a rider, you will also be better protected.

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