The Motocentral Group of companies prides itself with a level of service excellence that is recognized and embraced by both industry manufacturers and customers alike.

Setting the pace are the 3S Shops, which stands for Sales, Spare Parts and Services, comprising a one-stop shop where customers can go to for all their motorcycle needs.

Motorcentral Group branches are staffed by a highly accommodating pool of sales individuals well versed on the merits of every motorcycle model on display, customers can easily weigh their options and acquire more information that will allow them to pick the right motorcycle type that is right for them.

A solid supply and inventory of original parts for maintenance and repair is also what sets apart the Motorcentral Group from its competitors. Customers only have to bring in their motorcycles for a quick check up for issues and if some parts needs replacements, it is almost always readily available or can be easily shipped from other branches that have them in stock at no fuss.

And last, but certainly not the least, are the highly-skilled and highly-trained mechanics of the Motorcentral group, who lead the way in providing service excellence to every customer. Every mechanic receives proficiency training from the manufacturers, allowing them to develop expertise that makes them intimately with every model of every brand.

Aided by state of the art tools and equipment, these mechanics are able to maintain, repair and recondition every bike that passes through the service center at the fastest time possible, allowing customers to get back on the road and enjoy their ride.

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