Service Plus

Among the many qualities that have fueled Motorcentral’s success over the years, aftersales service has always remained one of the pillars that have driven the unprecedented growth of the company.

Now Motorcentral raises the bar once more with the new Service Plus (Formerly VIP Service Plus, challenging an industry more focused on sales rather than service and maintenance. “We view every customer as a valued partner in the care of every motorcycle they purchase from our stores. As such, we extend them a value-added service that ensures the protection of their valuable motorcycle units,” stated Gene Lopez, Motorcentral Marketing Manager. Lopez further explained that though the Service Plus is not a form of insurance, Motorcentral customers will be able to enjoy secure protection against Vehicular or Self Damage Accident Only for one (1) year through Motorcentral’s quality repair program from its 3s (Sales, Services, Spare Parts) Branches. “The Service Plus highlights our commitment to our customers to give more value in exchange for their trust in our company,” stated Lopez. The VIP Service Plus is automatically included as a freebie to installment buyers, while cash buyers of solo models can opt to avail with a minimal one-time fee. To learn more about Service Plus, please approach any Motorcentral Sales personnel.

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