Seal the Deal

You see them in between the parts of your motorcycle’s engine, usually in odd shapes and forms. Some are made of rubber and some are made from other materials, but they all have the same function – to seal the space between two flat metallic surfaces to prevent leakages from or into joined objects while under compression.

Now, why is this important?

Gaskets are designed to create a barrier that keeps unwanted liquids or gases from mixing inside your engine by sealing off the area where engine parts meet.

This is important because even if you see that the engine parts are flat, smooth, and appear to fit perfectly together with each other, they will not prevent water, oil, and even air from affecting negatively your engine performance.

Ever see a motorcycle with white smoke coming out of its muffler? This is probably an indication that a gasket has failed and oil is now leaking into the exhaust system. Now imagine riding in the rain and suddenly your motorcycle stopped running. And when you get it checked, you find out that water has seeped into your engine, probably causing irreparable damage to your internal parts.

So, what do you do?

Always ask your service center mechanic to check your gaskets for signs of wear and tear. Most trained mechanics will do the check on their own because gaskets have a lifespan and will also need to be replaced after a prescribed period of time.

Are gaskets expensive? Not really.

However, if you are getting them replaced by a non-authorized, untrained mechanic, you might end up spending more – because they will not know how to properly install these custom-fit gaskets. And even a small tear or fold will compromise its function.

And lastly, always make sure to order legit gaskets made specifically for your type and model of motorcycle. Because even if they look visually alike, gaskets for other engines will never fit exactly with your engine.

To make sure that you get the best original gaskets installed properly in your engine, simply visit any of our Motorcentral 3S shops around the country. We will hook you up and get your ride back into top performance condition.







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