Original Parts Are Always Best

Motorcycles are precisely engineered machines with specially designed parts that are made to operate at predetermined manner. Thus, if the wrong replacement parts are used, the performance of the machine will be compromised.

But there are times when people choose to buy fake aftermarket parts, just because they are a little bit cheaper than the original. Others experiment on parts made for other motorcycles, just because a friend said that it would improve the way their rides perform.

And yet when you use illegitimate parts on your bikes, you run the risk of causing more problems. And fake parts are worst, since they are usually made from substandard materials and would fail faster than original ones. Once it does, the failure would lead to more costly damage and even more expensive repairs.

The best rule to follow is always the basic – buy only legit and original parts.

How will you know? Your trusted mechanic, one trained extensively on the brand and model of your bike would be the most expert source of info. The next one will be the sales personnel of your motorcycle dealership – because they keep a stock of all original parts for all the bikes that they sell.

So the next time you go for a maintenance run, always invest in original parts. You may not notice it at first, but you are actually saving your money in the long run. Plus you get to take proper care of your motorcycle.

And that is what is important, kaibigan!










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