Not All Oils Are Created Equal

Oil is known as the lifeblood of all engines. It lubricates and protects the precision engine parts from heating up due to friction and being damage from the constant contact with other metallic parts. It also plays a major role in the internal combustion and compression process that is essential in the dynamic action that makes the vehicle move.

In motorcycle maintenance, oil is the first thing that a mechanic checks and regularly replaces to ensure top performance of your motorcycle. And every time it is replaced, trained mechanics always ensure that the motor oil recommended for your bike is the one that they use.

Some might argue that there will always be better oils out there can provide improved lubrication, improved protection and improved performance for you bike and that is true, to a certain extent. One has to understand that there four types of motor oils, each one designed to function for specific types of engines – using the wrong one can cause problems rather benefits for your ride.

Synthetic Motor oils are those that have gone through a chemically engineered process to transform the oil molecules into uniform shape with fewer impurities and better properties than conventional oil. These types of oil offer better extreme high temperature and low temperature performance, with high performance additives forming part of its formulation.

Synthetic Blend or Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil are oils that is a mixture of synthetic and conventional base oils for added resistance to oxidation and excellent lower temperature performance.

High-Mileage Motor Oil are oils formulated for late model vehicles, which has unique additives to reduce oil burn offs and prevent oil leaks in older engines.

Conventional Motor Oil are oils formulated in a range of viscosity grades and quality levels, and is recommend to simple engines.

In the comparative price range, synthetic motor oils are the most expensive, while conventional oils offer the cheaper variants. But as expertly trained mechanics will stress to you, the most expensive oil or the cheapest oil will not necessarily be the most beneficial to your motorcycle engine.

So how to you know which one to use?

  1. Ask your trusted and trained mechanic. Here in Motorcentral, our mechanics undergo rigorous and regular training for each brand of motorcycle that we carry in our showroom. That means they know which oil is best for each motorcycle engine brand.
  2. Read your manual. Yes, that small book that comes with your motorcycle is not only for diplay. It has the detailed specifications of your motorcycle engine, as well as the recommended oil for your motorcycle model.
  3. Research online. Most of the top motorcycle brands in the market have websites that have detailed info on your motorcycle brand and model. So even offer tips on how best to take care of your motorcycle engine, including recommended oil options.
  4. Ask your trusted and trained mechnic. Yes, we repeated that to make sure that you do that instead of trusting the word of your riding buddy. Again, when it comes to oil, its not about experience, gut feel or brand bias. It’s all about actual engineering knowledge and oil lubrication properties in particular brand engines – valuable information that is passed on to your trusted Motorcentral mechanics during their training.

So the next time your PMS schedule comes up, it is always best to let the experts handle the job for you. And you will always be welcome, kaibigan.










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