Motosafe Lagi

We have all seen the news and seen the signs, the rising number of Covid putting a cloud over our bright plans for the year.

And yet we all have to face this fear and take the risk in order to provide for our families. Everyone needs to get back to work and restart our economy to make sure that we rebuild our lives that have been disrupted by the pandemic.

As such, we wish to remind all our kaibigans that we should not face this risks without having a means to fight back. So with every ride, we offer everyone this rider’s essential checklist – in order to remind each other that we still have to be extra careful during this challenging times.

  1. Mask – still one of our primary defense versus the virus. Best if we pair a cloth mask with a surgical mask, to achieve a double barrier against Covid.
  2. Alcohol in spray bottle – handy and easy to use even when wearing gloves. Apply to every surface that of your body that may have come into contact with potential contaminants.
  3. Handsanitizer – keep this handy for after you take your gloves off. Apply liberally on your hands to ensure that it is sanitized.
  4. Small Soap – when water is available, a small bar of sanitizing soap is always best to wash away viral contaminants on your skin.
  5. Vitamin C – it is never a bad move to boost your natural immunity with vitamin C. Carry some with you so that you will never leave home without it.
  6. Paracetamol – optional, good to have to ward away the first signs of illness.
  7. Vax Card – if you are not an antivaxxer, it is always best to keep your proof of vaccination with you at an easy to reach spot. Show it quickly at motorcycle checkpoints, together with your other documentation, in order to be allowed to quickly continue your journey.

And as always, we remind you to always be mindful and careful on the road. Motosafe lagi, kaibigan.










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