Motosafe – Helmet

Ride safety should always be a top priority concern for any rider. And as such, one of the first accessory that one should always invest in should be a legit and authorized helmet.
The Land Transportation Office, the PNP Highway Patrol Group and the Department of Trade and Industry have once again strengthened their cooperation in order to ensure that laws on proper helmet usage are enforced. And their target are the fake helmets that are being sold and worn by riders who should know better.
Fake helmets are cheap and can easily be ordered online. Their appeal is that they are priced much lower than the approved helmets in the market. But the reason for this is simple – they are cheap because they have substandard design and use substandard materials. In an accident, these cheap helmets are guaranteed to fail and cause even greater injury to the rider.
So what should you do?
Always buy only legit! Yes, the price may be higher, but you are spending on an accessory that will increase your survival rate in case of an accident.
How do you know you are buying legit?
1. Check the material quality and construction. You can see and feel if the helmet is sturdy, especially if it’s made by a known brand.
2. Check the back of the helmet – usually it has an official DTI logo, which means it has been inspected and approved for motorcycle use.
3. Check the price – if it’s too cheap, it’s probably fake.
When it comes to helmet and other safety gear, invest in your safety by buying top quality. So that you can be sure that you will always be motosafe, kaibigan.








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