Motorcentral’s Kaibigan Campaign Kicks Off With Exciting 2019 Promos with SUZUKI

Having a close friend in any organization has always been a traditional Filipino affectation – to have an “in” usually means more privileges and freebies that regular people have no access to. And what better way to kick of Motorcentral’s Kaibigan campaign that to enjoy three new promos at the motorcycle dealership that everyone loves.

“The Motorcentral “Kaibigan” campaign is our newest effort to deepen our relationships with our customers, to build trust and reinforce it with quality products and services. It is our goal to let the people know that Motorcentral’s more than just sales, we genuinely want to help, assist and protect our customers, in everyway we can, just like a true Kaibigan!” stated Motorcentral Marketing Manager Gene Lopez.

Lopez explained that the new direction has resonated within the company and brand partners alike, resulting a show of full support in achieving this goal. Already, all the Motorcentral employees, and specifically the sales and service teams, have begun to raise the bar in terms of customer care and service.

“Motorcentral Kaibigan is a more natural way of dealing with our customers. We befriend them, we engage them meaningfully and share in their experiences with their motorcycles. The concern for their wellbeing and their motorcycles becomes second nature, because we want to give them the best. This has become more than just a tagline for us, it has transformed into a mindset embraced by all our employees, and even by our brand partners,”explained Lopez.

Among the first to respond was Suzuki, who now offers one free full face helmet for every purchase of a brand new Suzuki Raider 150. Customers may avail of the free helmet offer from February 1 to April 30, 2019.

Motorcentral has also matched this offer with a two thousand three hundred peso (P2,300) downpayment subsidy to all customers who avail of the installment plan for the Raider 150 Carbuerator and Raider 150 Reloaded models.

Aside from the Raider 150, Motorcentral has also offered a two thousand pesos (P2,000) downpayment subsidy to the Suzuki Skydrive model, specifically the black, silver and pink variants. This subsidy promo started last January 20 and will end on April 30, 2019.

The discounted downpayment shall automatically be reflected in the official receipt given to the customers.

Both downpayment subsidy offers will be applied to regular downpayment customers or those who intend to provide larger downpayments only. Customers whose approved applications require higher downpayments due to in-house or external financing policies, however, are not included in the promo.

“The free helmet and the downpayment subsidies are the first salvo of immediate rewards to customers who trust Motorcentral and who prefer the Suzuki brand. But we will soon roll out even more freebies, discounts and privileges to our other customers, so stay tuned and visit our shops regularly,” stated Lopez.

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