Motorcentral Partner Trimotor Tech Announces Last Quarter Promo

Motorcentral, the country’s fastest growing motorcycle dealership, recently announced a last quarter promo by its newest brand partner Trimotor Technology Corp.

Trimotors recently made waves in the country when it introduced the RE Bajaj, a tri-wheel motorcycle inspired by the “tuktuk” and built to be a versatile workhorse for business and small & medium enterprises.

As a show of support for Motorcentral’s tireless sales efforts and its award-winning customer service, Trimotors has unveiled its special last quarter promotional campaign for those buying its products from its partner dealership.

Scheduled to run from October 15, 2019 to January 2020, the promo entitles buyers of RE Bajaj to exciting privileges and surprises.

First, every buyer of an RE Bajaj will enjoy freebies, such as two bottles of oil and one oil filter, till supply lasts.

Next, buyers of RE Bajaj units will get a chance to win additional RE units in a nationwide raffle. Those who purchase spare parts of RE Bajaj with a receipt totaling P500 will also get a raffle coupon for a chance to win up to P30,000 in cash prizes.

Motorcentral has welcomed this promo and encourages everyone to check out the RE Bajaj units on display.

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