Motorcentral launches new VIP Card

Motorcentral, one of the country’s premier motorcycle dealership, brings customer care and quality service to the forefront of its business with the launch of its new VIP Card.

“Each and every one of our clients deserve to be treated as very important persons because their trust in our company is one that we treasure the most,” explained Gene Lopez, Motorcentral Marketing Manager.

Lopez revealed that the new VIP card embodies the customer-centric focus of the company’s sales and aftersales efforts and presents a dynamic new look to the card that will allow bearers to enjoy benefits from Motorcentral.

The Motorcentral VIP Card is the first in the motorcycle industry to offer special discounts and privilegs to its customers.

Among the exclusive VIP Card privileges include the following:

  • 10% Discount on Apparels and Labor
  • 1% Discount for Cash Purchase of Brand New Motorcycles
  • 2% Discount for Cash Purchase of Pre-owned Motorcycles
  • Free Annual Maintenance Check-up
  • 5% Discount on SPAAMO
  • Exclusive Promos, Event invites, training and etc.

The annual maintenance check-up offers the most value to the bearer because it offers a fully detailed service to ensure the roadworthiness of every motorcycle. Included in the service are the following:

  • Change oil
  • Inspection of valve clearances
  • Adjustment and lubrication of drive chain sprockets
  • Inspection of wheel spokes and tires
  • Inspection and tightening of engine supports, axle and suspension bolds and nuts
  • Inspection and adjustment of engine idle speed
  • Checking of brake systemand fuel line
  • Checking of battery voltage
  • Inspection and adjustment of air pressure
  • Inspection of electrical device functionality
  • Inspection of fuel strainer screen

Availment of the free annual check up and all other VIP privileges need only the presentation of the VIP and setting of an appointment at the nearest Motorcentral branch.

Every new owner of a new or pre-owned motorcycle purchased at any Motorcentral branch is automatically eligible for the new VIP Card, which will be valid for three (3) years.

For more details about the new VIP Card, simply approach any Motorcentral salespersonnel.

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