Motorcentral Expansion Takes The Provinces By Storm

Motorcentral, the country’s leading dealer of branded motorcycles outside of Metro Manila continued to flex its muscle in 2018 with the unrelenting expansion of dealership stores and 3S shops in the provinces outside Manila.


Motorcentral has grown its presence by focusing only on providing provincial customers with the best branded motorcycle products and the highest standard of parts and services in the market today.


“Like the traffic congested streets of Metro Manila, motorcycle dealerships with the capital are already overcrowding each other, “ remarked Motorcentral Marketing Director Gene Lopez.


“Here in the provinces, we enjoy a wider playing field that allowed us to offer the Motorcentral standard of service and products to our customers. We are able to open dealership stores that are strategically located that offered easy access to our products and 3S services,” Lopez added.


In 2017, Motorcentral had already expanded to a mix of 78 multi-brand and exclusive brand stores, most of which were 3S shops. Five more shops were added in 2018 to bring up the number to a whopping 83 stores.


Aside from the loyalty of partner brands Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Motorcentral welcomed its newest brand partner Bajaj into its dynamic brand mix of products.


In North Luzon, MotorcentralYamaha Exclusive 3S shops have continuously offered the Yamaha standard of motorcycle options and unparalled after-sales service in its 3S branchesin Bulacan, Dau, Rosales and Tarlac.


Cavite boasts of a 14 strong mix of multi-brand and exclusive brand Motorcentralstores, highlighted by Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki, with 11 branches offering 3S services.


Laguna province, home of the Motorcentral head office and birthplace of the company itself, has grown from one spearheading store into 24 top performing sales centers with 18 3S services.


In Batangas, 6 multi-brand stores and one exclusive brand store dominates the province. All stores offer 3S services to its customers.


In Rizal, two multi-brand stores bravely compete with other dealerships, banking on its 3S services to attract more customers.


The Quezon province has also proudly embraced the Motorcentral brand, with a mix of 11 multi-brand and exclusive-brand stores, 10 of which are dedicated 3S service centers.


In Marinduque, 2 multi-brand and 2 exclusive brand 3S branches have opened their doors to a rapidly growing market.



Mindoro, meanwhile, offers 5 multi-brand stores, with 3 exclusive-brand shop all offering 3S services, while one shop also offers more affordable reconditioned and refurbished pre-owned motorcycle units.


Way down south in Mindanao, Motorcentral has also secured a strong foothold with two Motorcentral branches, one multi-brand and one exclusive-brand, both offering 3S after sales service.


With the newest addition to the family in 2018, Motorcentral has introduced the tri-wheeler Bajaj into the Laguna market with the opening of 2 3S stores, to offer business-minded customers with new possibilities offered by the new rides.


The 2018 opening of three additional 3S stores in Rizal, Marinduque and Batangas only goes to prove that Motorcentral remains stalwart and full-steam ahead on its quest for expansion.

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