MMDA Memo. Circular. 001 – 2012

An issue that revolves around a certain rider restriction has caused a lot of online debates and has also lead to the arrest of a certain former law enforcer.

But the question some riders have begun to ask: is there really such a regulation as dress code violation?

And the answer to that is in the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Memorandum No. 1, Series of 2012 – also known as TDO Guidelines on Enforcement of EDSA Motorcycle Lanes that was issued on February 17, 2012.

While the circular discussed how traffic enforcers should enforce the motorcycle lanes on EDSA, it does contain a schedule of violations with its corresponding code and penalties.

And the 2nd item listed in the violation list is that indicateed as MMDA Violation Code 211 or Dress Code for Riders (Slippers). This violation lists three penalties, which are P500/P700/P1,000, that corresponds to the first, second and third apprehensions for violators.

So there is a regulation being enforced by MMDA officers, backed up by an official Memorandum Circular.

But some riders argue that the passenger should not be penalized. The problem to this argument is that rider is the general description for those riding motorcyclers, whether they are the one controlling the vehicle or the one sitting along for the ride.

And the violation is actually a preventive approach to rider safety by ensuring that all riders wear more protective riding gear, like shoes and boots, to prevent more serious injuries during accident.

So the question is no longer whether the violation is valid, but rather why riders should question and oppose a regulation that seeks to encourage safety and protection.

After all, every ride has risks. And the smart rider would always want to be motosafe, kaibigan.







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