Mirror Mirror

Mirrors on our handlebars are not decorative, they are purely for safety. But most of the time riders either ignore and even remove this part in order to achieve a “streamlined” look for their bike.

For those who are properly schooled and trained in riding motorcycles will tell you that mirrors are true lifesavers while on the road. The mirror allows the rider to view dangers behind him without having to glance back and lose his balance.

And for those who claim that mirrors create drag that would prevent a bike from achieving top speed, these people have no understanding of aerodynamics.

Mirrors, like all parts of the bike, are already designed to to follow the form of the motorcycle. The drag that it creates is negligible to the overall performance of the bike.

Yet, there are some misinformed, ill-trained riders that remove mirrors or even replace them with smaller one just to avoid an enforcers ticket.

But what really happens is these riders take away one of the things that can help protect them from accidents.

So the next time you look at your motorcycle mirrors, take a glance and see that with every mile that passes – you are safe and protected.







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