Mekaniko or Siraniko

We have all heard the story: a rider buys a new bike then when his preventive maintenance day comes he forgoes the authorized service center and chooses to go to a small bike shop near his house or place of works.

And so the unschooled rider entrusts his bike to a small, unknown shop, where he begins his unending journey to a cascade of problems that will result in deteriorating performance for his bike.

We can list the reasons also:

  1. It was recommended by friends.
  2. It has cheaper parts and cheaper labor.
  3. The mechanic works fast.
  4. They give discounts to “tropa”

This is not to disparage the small business owner whose entrepreneurial spirit led him to offer after market parts and repair services. But, let’s be honest, the credentials of the mechanics that they have onboard are questionable, at best. There is a reason why they are give the notorious nickname “siraniko”.

So why is this important?

You have to remember that the bike is many things. It is your personal mode of transportation. It is also your investment that has a fixed, yet depreciating value as the years go by. But, when you take proper care of your motorcycle, it retains a bit of its value so that when you do decide to sell it, you still enjoy high-peso value.

This is were the trained mechanics come in. They are your partners in keeping your motorcycle in top performance condition. They receive their training from the manufacturers, meaning that they have studied each and every part of your motorcycle and know how best to troubleshoot and fix it. They don’t apply guesswork and use the proper tool to ensure that every part that they handle, remove or attach will not cause damage to the other parts of the bike.

Now lets level it up to the highest level – trained mechanics in a 3SShop. 3S means Sales, Service, Spareparts, the holy trinity when it comes to motorcycle maintenance. Now the trained mechanics are equipped with the best tools and equipment for motorcycle maintenance and repair works, they also have easy access to the exact original parts for your bike. This means realiable service, dependable repairs, total safety and a motorcycle that is restored to nearly the same state it was when it rolled out of the shop.

Compare this again to the cheap labor and parts that result on almost weekly backjobs, additional labor and defective parts from your friendly local siraniko – which all eat up on the amount of time you could have spent enjoying a ride on your motorcycle. Still think you are paying less? Or are you really paying small bits that add up to a hefty sum within just a short span of time?

So the next time your PMS comes around, think hard and carefully about your choice. Do you go for the cheap and unreliable “tropa” siraniko or one that is a tested and true expert, the expert Motorcentral Mechanic.

We hope that you chose wisely, Kaibigan. And we hope to see you roll your bike through our doors soon for your scheduled maintenance check.






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