Maintenance Is A Must

When you buy a motorcycle you have to understand one important reality – you will have to invest in regular maintenance.

Yes, maintenance. That responsibility that is often forgotten by vehicle owners who fall in love with the newest model, compute the cost for installment purchase and forget to include cost for its upkeep.

Why is this important? Because your motorcycle does not just run on gasoline.

All vehicles, including motorcycles, also run on lubricants and spare parts. And the cost of replacing oils and worn parts is what comprises regular maintenance.

And like every investment, it is never a good idea on being cheap on maintenance because it has a direct impact on your main investment – your motorcycle.

Good maintenance helps keep your motorcycle in top performance condition for that satisfying ride everytime. It also helps you keep the resale value of your ride should you decide later on to sell in order to upgrade.

Now some would advice that it is best for you to learn how to maintain your motorcycle yourself, so that you can save on your maintenance cost. That is true to a certain extent. But if  you are going to be a hands-on DIY maintenance practitioner, you have to factor in the trial and error situations that you will encounter, as well as the cost of time that you will spend when you work on your bike

The next best option you can go for is to entrust your motorcycle to a 3S Shop. 3S stands for Sales, Service and Spareparts, and basically stands of a one-stop shop for all your motorcycle maintenance needs – but with one added feature: a mechanic expertly trained on your rides’ model.

Motorcentral is one of the few that has incorporated 3S Shops in its dealerships, ensuring that all motorcycle bought with us have proper maintenance support and aftersales.

In the end, the most important benefit of regular maintenance is a reliable motorcycle that will serve you well and will not breakdown during your rides. And that is what we mean by motocare, kaibigan.









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