Light your fuse

It’s the smallest part of your motorcycle but it can cause a lot of problems if ignored. The fuse is an essential part of your motorcycle’s electrical circuit and acts both as a connection and protection to the flow of power within your bike.

Ever been on a ride when your bike’s power suddenly goes out. You stop and fiddle with the battery and the wiring, checking the fuse box last and finding out that one of your fuses has burned out.

How do you know? Look closely and you will see that the thin wire within is cut.

Now some of you might think what is the purpose of such a useless little part when it can just burn out at any time. And the answer is simple – it is your protection.

Because the burned fuse broke the connection between your electrical parts and a major defective part and prevented a more serious problem from happening – like an electrical fire.

The fuse breaks the connection and will continue to break until the cause of the blown fuse is found and repaired or replaced.

So what do you do? Get a mechanic to check your bike as soon as possible to find the cause.

If you are far from your trusted mechanic, is it safe to replace the fuse with the right original replacement? Yes. But make sure that you do this only to let you bring your bike to the nearest service center.

Include in your emergency ride kit a set of the right fuse type and size for your motorcycle. Learn how to replace it properly.

It’s the small things that matter when you are enjoying your ride. So get to know your motorcycle better, pay attention to parts that need to be replace for proper motocare, kaibigan.







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