Light the Way

The saying nothing is forever affects even the most basic parts of a motorcycle, like your lights. Common everyday use of your ride will also lead to the wear and tear of your lights.

That is why we see fellow riders who have weak headlights or worse non-functioning signal lights when they are needed the most – in the dark of night.

That is why, for your safety, you always have to check the status of your lights before your ride off. And if you notice malfunctioning lights, bring it in to your service center to get it checked or get the bulbs replaced.

Some riders, however, even do the extra effort to purchase aftermarket bulbs that are brighter and offer more illumination. They feel that these LED bulbs will make them safer during night rides.

Sadly this is not true. In fact, this increases the risk factor for both the rider and fellow motorists. Here are the reasons why?

  1. LED aftermarket lights might exceed the design specs of the motorcycle’s standard wiring – leading to burnt wire connections and even damage to the battery.
  2. LED aftermarket lights exceed the required illumination for the bike’s design and can even blind oncoming motorists that may result in tragic accidents.
  3. LED after market lights life span can be unreliable and may breakdown sooner than expected, resulting in waste of money.

So what is the best thing to do?

Bring your bike in to the service center staffed with mechanics expertly trained on your bike model. Get them to check and test your lights during your regular maintenance service. And, if needed, tell your mechanic to replace your lights with original bulbs designed for your motorcycle.

It’s high time we all see the light and be illuminated on the proper care of our motorcycle lights. Ingat lagi, kaibigan.








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