Legit is always Safer

When it comes to motorcycle replacement parts, the original will always be the best. This is only logical since original parts are designed specifically for each particular brand and have been tested to perform reliably for a certain expected duration.

For example, original batteries are expected to weaken after two years, tires wear out after 3 years, oil filters after two months, etc. Internal parts, like the sprockets, belts, and others, also experience wear and tear and must be replaced by the exact original part in order to maintain your bike’s performance.

But sometimes, bike owners are drawn to the cheap prices of part knockoffs or even the wrong advice on “compatible” parts that can “enhance” the performance of your ride.

Our advice: don’t go for it.

True you will spend less money on fake copies than getting the original part. But it is only an illusion. Fake parts fail faster than original ones. Quality control for these knockoffs is not as strict as legit branded parts and may even cause harm to your bike. And, of course, when that fake part fails, you will end up buying a new replacement part faster than if you installed originals. In the end, you actually spend more on the fake parts than what you would have spent on legit parts.

So if you really love your bike and if you really want to ride safe, always go legit and get the original part. You will save more than just money. You will save yourself a lot of hassle and bike problems in the long run.

And that is truly safe advice to make sure you ride safe always, kaibigan.








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