Land Transportation Office (LTO) Memorandum

Dear VIP Customers,

Due to the recent memorandum issued by the Land Transportation Office in relation to Republic Act No. 4136 effective February 15, 2017, states that to ensure the only registered motor vehicles are used or operated on or upon any public highway, the conduction sticker number shall be used as a temporary license plate. FOR MOTORCYCLES, USED, IMPORTED AND REBUILD MOTOR VEHICLES, however THE MV FILE NUMBER SHALL BE USED AS TEMPORARY LICENSE PLATE NUMBER. (See format attached with memorandum)

As per the advice of LTO, motorcycle riders are DISCOURAGED to travel without OR/CRs and/or new plates bearing their OR/CR MV File Number. Please adhere to said advice in order not to incur any penalties.

MOTORCENTRAL, STAR HONDA AND BIKEWORLD CUSTOMERS without their OR/CR’s yet please email us at [email protected] in order for us to assist you in following up with LTO through our registration department.

Thank you.


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