Helmet Up

Motorcycle safety begins with each and every one of us. We protect ourselves during each ride by protecting ourselves from the risks of accidents on the road. Because no matter how careful we are, there will always be others on the road who will not be as careful.

And the first safety investment that we always have to ensure as a rider is to get a proper and legit helmet.

Now there are a lot of helmet options out there, some more expensive than others. And each one offer different degrees of protection for your head should you crash on the road.

So what is the best helmet option for you? Preferably one that offers 360 degree protection – a full helmet with visor and layers of internal padding to absorb shock.

Others may complain that such helmets are not designed for a country such as ours, where the heat and humidity can make a full helmet unbearable to wear. So they use open-faced helmet, half-helmets or even the so-called skull caps, which offer only partial protection.

The answer to this is usually simple – the more exposed your head is to external elements, the more damage it will receive during accidents.

So why take the risk of disfigurement and even serious disability when you can protect yourself properly for every ride? 100% protection will always be better than 50% protection, right? And as to the heat and humidity, some helmets offer proper head ventilation to control this issue – you simply have to find the right ones.

Now the worse excuse that we have ever heard is that of the price of the helmet. A lot of people go for the cheaper price helmets in the market because they cost less. But remember, you get what you pay for. And going cheap for something that will help you survive a dangerous spill is simply not a wise investment for your health and safety. The cheaper the helmet means substandard materials and equals little to no protection when you need it the most.

Lastly, before you head to the counter to pay for your new helmet, check the official DTI seal at the back which signifies that the product has passed quality test standards. The cheaper knockoffs or fake helmet copies will not have these and will ultimately fail when the plastic hits the concrete.

Now if you want to shop worry-free for your proper helmet, Motorcentral’s Aftersales has a lot of options in stock for you. Our sales personnel will be happy to assist you with your choice, simply drop by any of our branches. We will make sure to help you find the one that fits you perfectly and is just right for your budget.

Remember, your safety will always be our highest concern, kaibigan.








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