Gas Up

With the price of gasoline skyrocketing tomorrow, now more than ever is the time for you to understand what is the best type of fuel to put into your ride.

No matter what they call it in each of the Gas Companies, gasoline products are divided to 3 types:

Regular usually contains an average of 85-87 octane and is considered the cheapest. This gas, however, is not considered high performance and is best to use only on basic, carb-type motorcycles.

Mid-Grade, also known as 89 Octane gas and is perfect performance fuel for most manual and automatic low displacment motorcycles.

Premium Gas is one has 92 octane content and is perfect for high performance, high compression engines. If you are riding sports bikes, this is the fuel for you.

So what is the best gas for you?

First, refer to your owner’s manual for advice on the best type fuel to use. This gives you direct advice from the manufacturer of our bike model and brand.

Second, ask for advice from riding club members who have the same motorcycle brand and model as you. Most, if not all, have already tried on their own which fuel is good for your motorcycle.

Third, test it out yourself and make an informed decision, because you are the one who will decide ultimately.

But no matter what gas type you choose, make sure that it gives you value for your money. Otherwise you will run on empty before you reach your destination.







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