Dont Overload Your Ride

ven before the pandemic, the rise in popularity of motorcycle was inevitable. Driven by the horrendous daily gridlocks in all major urban centers in the country, motorcycles became the more effective option to get from point to point without getting stuck in the massive parking lots called rush hour traffic.

Fast forward to the pandemic and the lockdown, where the streets were suddenly clear of four wheeled vehicles and replaced instead with fast delivery motorcycles moving essentials from store to home.

Now that the restrictions to travel have somewhat eased, traffic has once again returned to the metro. But because people have gotten used to motorcycle deliveries, we still see a lot of couirier riders in all major roads and highways.

And in place of public transport like jeepneys and trains, most people who need to travel go by motorcycle taxis for safety, after all the risk of transmission of the virus is less for this mode than when you share a ride on four-wheeled transports.

But there is one reality that people have forgotten when it comes to motorcycles – it is only built for two and it is not built to haul heavy cargo.

And this is what we face right now, uneducated riders who are rolling accidents waiting to happen. These are the “habal-habal” motorcycle taxies who load more than one passenger on a trip. These are the delivery riders who overload their motorcycles with packages that are merely secured with tape or worse shrink wrap. These are the fathers who load up their wives, plus one or even two kids in between.

When you see these people beside you on the streets when you ride, remind them that their unsafe riding habits can and will affect other motorists on the road. Better yet, try to spot a traffic enforcer and point them out for apprehension. Temper your guilt at being a “snitch” by the rationale that you might have just save the life of that rider and others that might have been affected in the potential accident.

Remember, a motorcycle is only made for two – no more and no less. And if you really have to carry cargo, make sure it fits in the approved top box.

And always maintain a ride safe mentality whenever you ride. If will definitely save your life in the long run.







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