Check and Top Up Fluids

Motorcycles require fluids in order to function properly. Aside from gas, you also need to top off or refill the following fluids to ensure full performance of your ride.

Brake fluids ensure that you have enough stopping power and control during your ride. Check the brakemaster located near your right handlegrip and see if the fluid is level with the full indicator. If it appears to be low, refill only with legit brake fluid.

Radiator fluids keep your engine cool so that it can function properly. If your bike is water-cooled, check if the radiator reservoir is full. If it appears to be low, refill only with legit coolant or distilled water. If your bike is oil-cooled, simply check your oil level and make sure there are no leaks.

And finally, the most important fluid that you need to check is the oil level. All bikes have a dip-stick that show you the level of oil inside your motor to ensures that it functions at optimum levels.

To do a proper oil level check, do it in the morning when the bike is cool and the oil has settled. Unscrew the dipstick, use a rag to wipe off the initial oil stain and note the oil level indicator on the “stick”. Replace the dipstick, pull it out again and you will see a new oil stain on the surface.

If it is close to the max level indicator then you need not worry. If the stain is near the low level indicator or below, bring your bike to your nearest Motorcentral Service Center and have your bike checked by your friendly and expertly-trained Motorcentral mechanic. We will make sure to check for leaks and refill your oil with the proper oil that is designed for your bike.

Remember, regular checking and proper maintenance will help ensure your safety for every ride.

And that is what is important, kaibigan!








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