Chain maintenance

The drive chain has always been one of the most dependable and affordable parts of a motorcycle engine. Made from metal, the links are strong enough to propel the motorcycle forward and accelerate to any desired speed. And with proper care, this can last to service your motorcycle for more than a year.

And yet we have all experienced drive chains that fail unexpectedly at the most inconvenient times. We point the blame on the manufacturer or the materials used on the part itself. But the harsh truth is that we are the ones mostly to blame, because we forget that all chains need to be lubricated to function.

How? It’s actually pretty surprising that our TLC on our motorcycle can actually lead to drive chain issues. So, If you are one of those who can’t stand seeing your motorcycle dirty and would regularly wash it  every other day, then you need to read this.

Most car and motorcycle wash establishments use detergents like vehicle shampoos that have degreasing agents in their formula. That plus the high-pressure water flow are the proven causes of drive chain issues.

The shampoo strips away the protective coat of grease that is spread on the chain and in between the links. The high pressure washer also gets into the links and on the surface metal of the chain, thoroughly removing all traces of the grease that act as water-repellent.

What happens next is rust develops, first on the surface area of the chain, then in between the links. Soon the way the chain moves is affected, becoming rough because of the lack of lubrication. The links begin to lock up and refuse to conform to the sprockets.

And so, some unfortunate riders get into accidents because their chain broke, jumped or even locked up.

So how to avoid it? Easy. Just apply chain lubricant directly on your drive chain after every wash. Make sure to spray directly on the links, and then allow it to rotate so that you spread the lubricant to the sprockets. And also get our Motorcentral mechanics to check your drive chain at every opportunity to spot any signs of rust. If you do need to replace the chain, make sure the buy only the original ones designed for your ride.

Proper motorcycle care means you have to be practical and smart with your TLC on your bike. Ride safe, Kaibigan!







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