Battery Matters

If oil is the life blood of the motorcycle and fuel is the source of its power, then the battery is the one that gives it the spark of life. This is true for most modern motorcycles, since its modern electrical components are integral to its combustion engine.

With the right battery giving out the required amperage of DC volts to your motorcycle’s electrical system, everything that requires a spark will be powered properly – from your ignition system to your lights and all the rest.

But a battery’s life is not permanent. Most are designed to last only 2 years at most and only when they are properly cared for. After that, the battery starts to become weaker and the charge it holds becomes less and less until you have no other choice but to change it.

When this happens, it is alway best to buy the same brand that was installed in your bike when you got it. For pre-loved motorcycles, it is best to ask a trained mechanic what is the most compatible legit battery for your model. The wrong one, especially fake knockoffs, will cause you problems and head-aches like engine stalls, discharged battery and blown fuses.

And to ensure longer life for your battery, make sure that your electrical system is not compromised. Loose wiring, blown fuses and bad aftermarket electrical parts can shorten the life of your battery. And the worse is when your charging system components, like stator, cdi and rectifier are malfunctioning – which might result in a major short that can damage your battery permanently.

At Motorcentral, we only carry the battery models that have been approved by the top motorcycle brands and have been certified for their various models. Our mechanics will also check and recheck your electrical system, to ensure that yis not compromised in anyway that will damage your battery.

As always, we remind everyone to always buy legit parts. Because buying cheaper will cause more problems and be more expensive for you, Kaibigan.







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