Fake VS Legit

Fake VS Legit San ka mas pabor, kaibigan? Marahil nabalitaan na ninyo ang mga report na kumakalat ngayon sa mga naglipanang mga fake drivers license na pinopost sa Facebook. Ito po ay unang nireport ng mga MMDA enforcer at ni Col. Bong Nebrija sa mga nahuhuling mga motorcycle rider at mga four-wheel drivers sa lansangan.

Motorcentral Partner Trimotor Tech Announces Last Quarter Promo

Motorcentral, the country’s fastest growing motorcycle dealership, recently announced a last quarter promo by its newest brand partner Trimotor Technology Corp. Trimotors recently made waves in the country when it introduced the RE Bajaj, a tri-wheel motorcycle inspired by the “tuktuk” and built to be a versatile workhorse for business and small & medium enterprises. […]

Back To School Rides

With the start of the new school year, the problem of traffic jam has once again returned with a vengeance, testing the patience of everyone on the road, day in and day out. And even with adjustments in travel time, tardiness becomes almost a daily challenge to overcome, especially those riding in four wheeled vehicles. […]

The Perfect Ride for the Perfect Dad

Once again Father’s Day has come! And what better way to reward a man who has done so much for the family than to give him a cool way to get around town. To many men nowadays, a motorcycle is the perfect way to travel. No more worries about traffic, plus Dads get to look […]