Always Wear Gloves

Aside from the helmet, another safety gear that riders need to wear when using their motorcycle are a pair of gloves. Especially in a tropical country such as ours – where monsoon rains strike at any time of the day, gloves can mean the difference between a minor and a serious injury.

Why are gloves important? Because it provides the rider with two benefits – control of the motorcycle and protection for the hands in case of a crash.

Have you every ridden in the rain and noticed that the handlegrips become a little bit slippery? That is because the rain, coupled with the oily air from vehicle exhausts can make the surface of the handlegrips slippery. This means you suddenly have less control when you are using just bare hands.

With gloves that have rubberized pads, the grips become less slippery even when wet. You have better control on the throttle and the levers, especially during times when you need to quickly adjust your speed and direction.

Some complain that the gloves makes their hands sweaty and uncomfortable. That is why some still prefer to use bare hands.

It is only when they crash that they remember that they should have worn gloves. Because statistics show that during accidents or crashes, the rider often extends his hands to break his fall. With gloves on, the experience can merely result in a minor bruise. Without gloves, there will definitely be serious road rash and unsightly scaring that will remind the rider the importance of wearing gloves.

So when you are ready to pick up your new motorcycle at any of our Motorcentral shops or while you are waiting for our service center to finish the PMS service on your ride, stroll around our Aftersales section and check out our gear on display.

Ask our friendly sales personnel about our protective gear options – especially on our available gloves. We will be more than happy to help find a pair to fit you.

Remember, your safety will always be our highest concern, kaibigan.








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