Always use original and legit cables.

Probably the most used part of a motorcycle are the cables for the brake and clutch. This is especially true for non-hydraulic system motorcycles, since the cable system is the one that allows for control of the brake calipers and clutch.

Made out of braided strands of wire, these motorcycle cables are designed to resist varied degrees of pressure applied to it. But even with its strong design, they can still break due to regular wear and tear. And usually this happens when we are on the road.

So how do we avoid this?

By regular visual checks and taking careful note of the “feel” of the cables while we are using our motorcycles. The feeling of rough “play” when we squeeze our handlebar levers is a good indicator that something is wrong with the cables.

Always do a visual check on the ends of the cables, near where it is connected to the levers or the calipers. If the wires looks worn out or frayed, then its time for a replacement.

But don’t just replace it with any kind of aftermarket cables – because you might find yourself using substandard cables that will easily break. Make sure you get original, legit parts that is made specifically for your motorcycle brand and model.

Simply visit your nearest Motorcentral service center and our expertly-trained mechanic will replace it for you with the correct original parts.

That way you can get back on the road faster without worries. And always remember, your safety will always be our highest concern, kaibigan.









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