Air Filter is Essential

One of the most misunderstood parts of a motorcycle engine is the air filter. It is often blamed by the unschooled as the reason why the engine power feels “choked.”

This essential original part is often the first-ever to be discarded by newbie motorcycle “mod” enthusiasts in their belief that it would improve its performance.

But ask any of the trained and expert mechanics working at any Motorcentral 3S Service Center and they will tell you that an air filter is one of the most important protections for your engine.

The air filter is part of the combustion system and its primary function is to filter out unwanted particles in the air before it enters the engine.

By removing this and replacing it with unofficial parts like “scotchbrite”, you run the risk of allowing particles like dirt and metallic filings to enter into your engine. These can then do abrasive damage to the precision internal parts of your motorcycle.

As such, all motorcycle owners are advised to view air filters as essential protective devices and avoid replacing them with unproved makeshift parts.

During PMS, air filters are can either be cleaned of dust if it is fairly new or replaced with an original part. You can also learn how to DIY filter cleaning using a strong air source or a vacuum, to ensure that the flow of clean air will be unobstructed as it enters the combustion chamber.

Bottom line, give some respect to your air filter because without it, your bike will sure be leading you towards a lot of engine problems in the future. And that’s not a happy thought, kaibigan.









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